Roof PINRoof PIN

Roof-PIN type S

The Roof-PIN type S from Wittenauer was further developed from the Roof-PIN type A. In many projects, attachment points for maintenance or repair work had to be provided and attached within the roof area. In order to be able to create these with the same construction as the fastening points of the roof cladding, the Roof-PIN type S has been available since then. A European approval is currently in progress for this construction.

The advantages compared to conventional constructions are diverse:

  • It is a thermally decoupled component, which means that neither condensation water forms nor the U-value of the building is deteriorated
  • The roof skin only needs to be opened minimally, which ensures a higher level of impermeability in the life cycle of the building
  • In the event of use, the roof cladding does not have to be opened to replace the bent attachment point; only the upper part has to be replaced.