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Roof-Pin type A

Wittenauer's Roof-PIN Type A was initially designed for a single project almost 20 years ago. As the possible height of the roof construction was very limited, a conventional type of construction was ruled out. The requirement for the product was that, regardless of the low installation height, it had at least just as little heat transfer and that assembly would be at least as easy as with other systems.

The result was the Roof-PIN type A. This has since been used successfully in many projects and has been further improved. With this construction, you can create on the one hand fastening points for the substructure of curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades or built-up roofs and on the oteher hand fastening options for air conditioning units, walkways, radio masts, etc..

It is irrelevant whether the basic construction is concrete or trapezoidal sheet metal and the Roof-PIN type A is located in the insulation level or whether the basic construction is wood and the Roof-PIN type A is located on the insulation level. If it sits within the insulation level, there are different construction heights, which are matched to the insulation thickness.